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While we have Hundreds of Reps in all the Key Cities and States of India, We are still Recruiting Reps,

To Meet our Growing Needs and To Represent IICM in various Cities, States, Language Groups & Denominations.

If you are interested in Serving as a Rep., Please send an Email to   attaching your Bio-data

We would like all of our Representatives to contact us by Email or a Letter giving Current Information about their Ministry

Full Name & Address/

Name of Organization

Description of Current Ministry Vision for the Future

Current Needs
(if any)

Policy Statement for Representatives of IICM

1. Representative of IICM, may serve IICM, without any geographical limits, using our Promotional Materials that we will send you by mail for a cost of Rs.200/-

2. You can purchase additional copies of our Promotional Materials later on, if needed.

3. When once Reps receive Applications from Students, they should forward it to us.

4. The Reps. may also ask the prospective students to fill out the Application Forms, and send them to us directly by email or mail, mentioning in the appropriate place of the Application that you recommended or recruited them.

5. The Reps can recruit students from any part of the world. For the services rendered by the Reps. IICM will pay 10% of the actual fees collected from such students, whether they enroll under Plan I or Plan II

6. The Reps. are not authorized to collect any fee from the students directly.

7. If you are interested in serving as a Rep. of IICM, as per the Terms and Conditions stated in this letter, you should send us by D.D. a sum of Rs. 300/- in favor of “IICM Trust” and mail it to: IICM, 240,Ruby Tower, Velachery Road, Selaiyur, East Tambaram, Chennai - 600 073, INDIA, so that we can send you a Rep. package consisting of: a. IICM Brochure b. IICM Catalog and Application Form c. IICM Poster d. CD etc. with instructions to use them and to produce more copies for your use.