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  1. Bible Correspondence Course
    B.B.S. B.Min. B.Th. B.D. B.C.L. B.C.M. M.Min.
    M.C.M. M.C.L. M.Div. M.B.S. M.Th. D.Min. D.C.M.
    S.T.D. Th.D. Ph.D. (Christian Leadership)/(Biblical Studies)/(Church Management)
  2. Pastors and Leaders Conferences

  3. Management Training

  4. Christian Leadership Seminars

  5. Guest Lectures in Bible Colleges

  6. Crusades and Gospel Meetings

  7. Video and TV Ministry

  8. Publication of Christian Books

  9. Monthly Email Magazines and News Letters

  10. Participation as Speakers in Pastors and Leaders Conferences

  11. Preaching and Ministering in Churches

  12. Networking with other Ministries

  13. VCD Messages

  14. Internet Ministry Through IICM Websites

  15. Daily Meditations

  16. IICM Chapel Services

  17. Printed Monthly Magazines-"ANOINTING" with Photos

  18. Extension Centers of IICM in various countries