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A specimen copy of the Franchise Agreement will be sent to you by email,
if you will indicate your interest in being a Franchisee.
Please indicate the language in which you would like to offer our courses.  

If you would like to receive full details about the Franchise Operations,
 in any one of the above languages or in any state of India or all over India/World,
please contact us by email iicmweb@iicm.us
attaching your Bio-Data or some information about your ministry.

A Franchise Agreement to establish and:
1. To operate an IICM International Bible College (which we are operating from Tambaram, Chennai, India) as an Extension Center, in the name of ____________ whatever is the name of your city) IICM Bible College, Registered as an Educational Trust, or making it a Division of your existing Church Bible College or Ministry

2. To operate a Bible College as an Extension Center of our International Bible College incorporated in Florida, USA, (as a Non-Profit Religious Organization) in the name of __________ (or whatever is the name of your city) IICM USA Bible College, Registered as IICM Inc., Florida, USA, or making it a Division of your existing
Church Bible College or Ministry

3. To do both, with the right to offer any or all the Degree Programs that we offer as an Internet or Correspondence Bible College
(or even to have a On Campus Bible College, offering courses
during the Day, in the Evenings or during the Week-ends)

1. This Franchise Agreement will give you the option

a. To run an Extension Center of our Indian or American or both Bible College Degree Programs, exactly like we do

b. To offer all or any of the Degree Programs that we offer, and to provide all or any of the other services related to the ministry that we provide

c. To use our Curriculum, Course Materials, Tests etc., following our syllabi for each degree (if you would like to substitute any course material or add any additional book or material to any course, you should get our approval)

d. We suggest that you separately form an Educational Trust to become eligible for special privileges and benefits applicable to Educational Institutions. You may also run this Extension Center under the registration of your current ministry as a division, if your local laws permit, with a name such as: IICM Mumbai Bible College (in the place of Mumbai, you should insert the name of your city or town) Please get our approval for the name you are going to use, to avoid any conflict and confusion.

e. To make this Bible College as a division of your ministry which is already registered as an Non-Profit Religious Organization or Church or a Bible College

f. To have your own website and to print your own Catalog and Application Form.

2. Further, under this Franchise Agreement you can offer any of our Degree Programs to students living in any place, but collecting the fees from them according to the geographic area in which they live, as indicated in our Catalog.

3. To maintain the same Academic and Spiritual Standards as we do, which are described in our Catalog.

4. To send us a Weekly Report in a form prescribed by us, by email, indicating the new enrollment of students in all Degree Programs.

5. To send us by M.O. or a Bank Draft or Bank Transfer to our account in Tambaram, Chennai, India, 50% of the fees received from the students during that week, on Monday, in the following the week.

6. To maintain a Database in the computer giving full details of each student including the requirements to be completed for the degree in which they have enrolled, and recording the grades secured in each course and the payments made towards the fees, Registration fees, book fees and graduation fees. Until such time you start creating and maintaining a database in the computer, you may maintain all the records in a bound register. We should have access to your records at all times to ensure that accuracy and required standards are maintained at all times.

7. To send students after completion of all the Courses, their Transcripts of Courses with the grades secured, and a Provisional Certificate saying that the student has completed all the requirements for the degree for which they have enrolled. (We can send you a specimen copy of all these forms after you make a decision to enter into a Franchise Agreement with us).

8. To either arrange a Convocation Service in your own place at least once in 6 months or 1 year, or give them the option to participate in the Convocation Services held in our Headquarters either in India or in USA (Almost every month a Convocation Service will be held in our Headquarters). The graduating students should wear appropriate academic gowns (which they can rent or purchase through us, when they receive their degree, and if you would like us to participate in that event and award the degrees, we will consider that too, if there is no conflict of programs. However, our representatives in every major city of India and the world, with the titles of Bishops, Arch Bishops, Cardinal, Reps., Adjunct Faculty Members, Alumni Association Directors etc, will be able to participate on our behalf.

9. We will design and print Degree Certificates and will be signed by us, with a provision for your Principal or Director of the IICM Extension Center run in your City will countersign.

10. This Franchise Agreement will be valid initially for a period of 1 year, but will be renewable, if all the terms and conditions of this Franchise Agreement are strictly complied with, and a certain minimum enrollment is also done, every year as mutually agreed upon, and weekly reports and payments are sent to us regularly.

11. We will supply one set of Topical Bible Course Books for all students authored by Dr. John Williams, which are the special courses offered by IICM.

12. You may negotiate with us to offer our Degree Courses in English or in any Indian languages such as Tamil, Telugu, Kannada, Malayalam, Hindi, Punjabi, Urdu etc.

13. Any other special terms and conditions can be negotiated and agreed upon mutually.

14. You may recommend suitable Candidates with their bio-data and photo by email to confer Honorary Degrees, Consecrate as a Bishop (for a City), Arch Bishop (for a State) or a Cardinal (for a Country), give Ordination to qualified candidates, appoint IICM Reps. or an Adjunct Faculty Members or Alumni Association Directors for a city, State or Country.
You may also offer your services just in one or more of the above capacities and if so designated or Consecrated as a Bishop or receive an Honorary Doctorate by sending your bio-data and photo by email.

15. Payments/Contributions to be made at the time of signing the Franchise Agreement are given below:

a. Life Time Membership of your ministry with IICM – Rs.1000

b. An initial & Annual Affiliation Fee as mentioned in our website
(For Affiliation with our Bible College in India –Rs.3000 for the first year, and Rs.500 for the subsequent years)

(For Affiliation with our Bible College in USA–Rs.5000 for the first year, and Rs.1000 for the subsequent years)

c. One Time Non-Refundable Franchise Agreement Fees - Rs.12000

d. Your revenue from a variety of sources and for different purposes should be shared with us in the proportion as indicated in the supplementary form attached.

Date:________                                                                               Signature of Franchisee _______________

Place:________                                                                              Name of Franchisee __________________

Date:                                                                                                 Signature of Franchisor:________________

Place:                                                                                                Name of Franchisor: __________________
                                                                                                           Chief Administrator