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by some Advisory Board Members


I have known John Williams as a dear friend and fellow laborer in the ministry of the Lord for many years. Through my association with him, I have found him to be a man of vision, faith, integrity, wisdom and depth. He is also a man of great generosity and compassion. Dr. Williams has a great love for the Lord and His people. He is an anointed teacher of the Word and has the inspired ability to make profound truths simple. Through the ministry of IICM, he has impacted pastors and leaders throughout the world and especially in India, equipping and training them to be more effective and competent ministers of the Lord.  Dr. Williams' passion for the harvest of souls is reflected in his global vision and mission- and his international ministry around the world. His crusades in many parts of India have brought many to saving faith in Jesus Christ confirmed by many miraculous healings. This ministry has brought revival and refreshing to many downtrodden and discouraged. Many have been greatly encouraged to go forth in greater power and anointing of the Holy Spirit. In spite of his busy schedule, Dr. John Williams, both founder and senior pastor of International Faith Christian Church, Tambaram, also runs an orphanage, a Christian library and a Christian school. He also has the vision of a full time Bible School.  It is a privilege to network with Dr. John Williams and be a co-laborer with him for the sake of the Gospel of the Lord Jesus Christ.
-Rev. Dr. Low Chee Keong, Malaysia


It is indeed an honor to participate in your 20th year anniversary convention in Chennai, India this November. It will be a great time of celebration and rejoicing! It is also a joy to be able to write a letter of thanksgiving to God for the privilege of being a co-laborer with you these last four years. I have watched the vision that was written down and put up on the wall of your humble beginnings in India, the thatched roof church and now the vision is a living reality. The advances you have made in equipping leaders for the work of the ministry is astounding. I remember this vision you had to reach throughout India with the correspondence course and last November we had representatives from most every State in India. Truly it was a historical meeting with representatives all the way from northern India!  Through the years, I have watched you take small amounts of money and get incredible mileage out of it for the gospel. From hardly any staff to multiple staff members. From no equipment to an office that operates effectively and powerfully. I praise the Lord that I have been able to witness God's grace in your life and ministry! I pray God will give you many more years and multiply your work in the lives of young Timothys. Truly it is just the beginning. Co-laborers together.
-Rev. John H. Musser, USA


Dear Dr. John:
Congratulations on the 20th Anniversary of your Ministry. Our Lord has richly blessed your Ministry. Your Church is a Beacon of light to the community and source of great blessing. Your correspondence school has done a tremendous work for leadership training for workers to complete higher education while still working and carrying on their Ministry. Your school for children and home for the needy children are fit for others to emulate. Your tireless dedication and commitment to serve the people with your healing Ministry, traveling to many places and making a difference in peoples lives in our Lord's name is also a great work. It gives me great pleasure to wish you and your Ministry God's speed and wishes during this special occasion.
- Dr. Arasu Rajaratnam, USA-


Dear brother John:
I extend my heartiest congratulations to you on your 20th anniversary celebration of your ministry on November 26, 1998 and thank you for inviting me to participate in it. It has been my privilege being associated with you through the past many years. I pray that God will continue to use you as His instrument to touch nations of the world through your management skill and expertise. I am sure there are many ministers and ministers all over the world that are very grateful for your input and influence into their lives and ministries. Your frequent trips to Malaysia and Singapore have also been a means of encouragement and equipping of Christian leaders in Church Management.  My family and I, our church (Grace Assembly) and all our associated ministries congratulate you and your wife for faithfully serving the Lord. Your sacrificial dedication is not in vain-the Lord will abundantly reward you!
-Rev. Dr. Henry Ramaya, Malaysia-


It has been a privilege and pleasure to have known you and met you there in France and for the short period you were able to minister in our churches in and around Paris. Although I had heard of your activities in New York related to the Institute of Church Management, it was not until I personally met you here in Paris that I realized the ampleur of your ministry to the Body of Christ. And now the project you have started in India has given your work and International status and an 'Oasis' where thousands of Christian workers, Pastors and Leaders could find Renewal in their personal life, Refreshment in their ministry and Recapture their vision which many have unfortunately lost or are losing gradually. I take this opportunity to wish God's richest blessings on you and on this great venture you are doing to extend the Kingdom of God and to prepare His body for the soon return of our Lord Jesus Christ.
-Rev. Dr. B. Selvaratnam, France


We rejoice with you on this special occasion, the 20th Anniversary of your Ministry. Praise the Lord!  Seven years ago, the Lord opened the doors of opportunity for me to Know Dr. John Williams personally. In him, I found a servant, a tireless worker, a friend, a teacher and a man totally sold out for Jesus.  His humility, wisdom and total dedication has also been instrumental in bringing me to this place of ministry of God. His desire to reach the lost for the Kingdom of God is evident in every aspect of his ministry. His institute has blessed thousands of students and this includes pastors, church leaders and lay workers not only in India but other parts of the world too. As you celebrate the 20th Anniversary, we the pastors, leaders and members of the Sabah Interior Missions rejoice with all of you as your remember God's faithfulness and all of His beautiful blessings.
In His great love,
- Dr. Vela Tan, Malaysia


It gives me immense pleasure to write a few words about Dr. John Williams who is closely associated with me and my ministry. Dr. John Williams has been spreading the love of Christ throughout the world through various programs for more than two decades. The salient feature of his ministry is that he does not stop with preaching the gospel but he trains up hundreds of people every year to carry the love of Christ to all parts of the world. It is my sincere prayer that our gracious Lord should be with him, guide him and make all his endeavors a great success according to the following scripture verse:

"Have I not commanded you? Be strong and of good courage;do not be afraid, nor be dismayed, for the Lord your God is with you wherever you go".(Joshua 1:9).

-Dr. D.G.S. Dhinakaran, Jesus Calls, India


A few decades ago there was a very popular and appreciated drama called "A Man For All Seasons". This play had to do with royalty and the Church in England.  As I was thinking of Dr. John Williams, the kind of a man he is, that title came to me as a description of Dr. Williams. Whenever we have approached Dr. Williams, inviting him to participate in a conference or training or celebration, he has been right ready to join hands, if available and to share with us on all occasions (seasons). Dr. Williams is prepared to teach and preach at a moment's notice in order to further equip those who are before him, depositing in them the Word of God and the wisdom he has gained through his years of teaching at Rhode Island University and through his ministry outreach around the world. This spirit-filled man of God certainly has a wealth of knowledge that is so pragmatic and is directed to the lay person walking on the streets of our cities.  The desires and goals which he has for his God-given ministries are in line with God's Word, the Bible. His ministry follows the mandate given to those who follow Jesus, - teach, preach and heal in the name of our Lord, Jesus Christ. Obedience to the mind and will of the Lord has been the watch word of the ministry of International Institute of Church Management, under the guidance and direction of Dr. John Williams. We all need to be men and women for all seasons to the glory of God-Amen
-Dr. Joyce M. Scott, IBL, Chennai, India


We have known Dr. John Williams since April 1997, when he chose to affiliate the long-standing ministry of the International Institute of Church Management with the CFN Association of Bible Schools.  The Institute is a covering ministry in its own right, giving leadership to hundreds of churches, church groups and Bible schools. It is an honor for the CFN Association of Bible schools to have this ministry in our Association. His correspondence courses sharpen the ministerial and managerial skills of those already in ministry, while his International Bible School prepares others for the great task of bringing in the end-time harvest. Dr. Williams has all along maintained a high standard in completing the stringent application procedures. His personal ministry has spanned several continents and directly benefited hundreds, if not thousands, of churches and church leaders.  The Institute is the important hub of the substantial ministry of Dr. Williams, which includes the Williams Christian Library (established 1979, in honor of his late Father, a medical missionary to Indonesia), International Faith Christian Church and the Devaprasad Children's Home Orphanage.  The list of Dr. Williams' vision turned into reality within 20 years is impressive. His teaching ministry is heard annually in scores of nations, through Crusades, Leaders Conferences, Gospel meetings, and Seminars for Pastors and other Christian Leaders.  As a well-educated man, Dr. Williams shows a remarkable, well-balanced approach to life and ministry. He has written more than 20 books in English and Tamil, and publishes a monthly magazine to minister to its wide circle of readers. Having ordained many pastors for the ministry, Dr. Williams is a true spiritual father to an untold number of believers around the world. From the Gospel.
-Dr. Randy Bozarth, Vice President, CFNNI, Dallas, TX, U.S.A.



1. I just read the book "Spiritual Growth". It is very simple in style, but abundant in theology. The presentation of the subject matter is crystal clear and superb.
2. All of your teaching materials are very useful to me and of a great blessing.
3. Your courses are really helpful to me in the ministry and in gaining Bible knowledge. It challenges me to be a practical Christian in many areas of life.
4. I would like to tell you with deep gratitude that the courses that you are offering through your institute is to my delight and taste. It has already begun to help and inspire me. I strongly believe that this Lord's doing.
5. The days I spent in Tambaram Conference and with you in person was so a great provision of opportunity arranged and appointed of God.
6. In your book, "Spiritual Growth" you have brought out the insights and mystery of spiritual growth for the average Christian to understand.  It was powerfully enlightening and practically educative.

7. Thank you for enlightening my eyes and convincing me to do the ministry of God.

8. Memories of your conference go a long way. I am grateful to your ministry of encouraging the Lord's servants and equipping them with spiritual insight and strength.
9. Your books are like precepts and a real life handbook for every minister of God.
10. Your books in your course are very helpful not only to my daily life but even to my preaching ministry. They are valuable teaching aids.
11. Through your course materials I have grown spiritually with more biblical knowledge.
12. Your program is unique, useful and fruitful to me as well as practical to my ministry.
13. I am really enjoying this program of yours and I am learning a lot of new things for my ministry.

14. I am very lucky to be one of your Correspondence Course students. While I studied theology for over 8 years, I did not profit much.  Now when I open the course lessons, it inspires my spirit and soul.


15. I am happy to be a student of IICM as I am learning so many spiritual things in a simple way. God leads me with His spirit with the help of  your study materials.


16. IICM is a good organization and so many believers and pastors are growing spiritually through your conferences and meetings.


17. IICM is a holy home for my spiritual studies. It is an encouraging center to grow spiritually in life.


18. IICM helps me grow spiritually, become Christ-like and discover and fulfill God's will. Drawing much from the anointing of the Holy Spirit, Dr. Williams answers all my questions about "Anointing" and also offers tools to help me apply God's power in my personal life. What I am learning in discipleship training, I hope that I will never forget. I find myself reading the course materials over and over again.

19. As an IICM student, I would like to appreciate the sincere and sacrificial service in training students all over the world to be true servants of God and faithful stewards and disciples of Jesus Christ. The books and teaching of Dr. Williams are special and spiritual treasures for me.  obeying the practical and personal experience teaching of Dr. Williams have helped me in such a  way that my life, ministry, health and wealth is growing rapidly by His grace and mercy.
20. This institute has excellent courses in Church Management. The International Pastors and Leaders Conferences are not like any other conference. The speakers are committed and dynamic.
21. IICM is the best institute in India to learn to discover the truth and God's plan

22. IICM follows the full gospel truth and lays emphasis on the importance of the anointing of the Holy Spirit which is the need in these last days.  IICM teaches many practical and useful points in running a Christian Organization. The unique qualifications enable him to be a guiding light to many servants of God


23. IICM is a path finder for those who do not know the way to the truth.


24. IICM is well known throughout India and the world as it is a ministry that helps equip and motivate pastors and leaders through spiritual growth. The books for the students are simplified for easy reading and retention.


25. It is a tremendous ministry especially for Pastors and Leaders in teaching them in how to go and spread the Lord's ministry on this earth.


26. It is a pleasure to be acquainted with Rev. Dr. John Williams who is a distinguished scholar, author, educationist, a prolific writer and much sought after teacher of God's word whose ministry has spanned the globe. Thousands have benefited from his instructions and been helped through the unique Bible Training Course of IICM. He is indeed making an impact in the nations and he is a man of integrity and character.  He is very well respected among key Leadership in Asia and the World. In spite of his accomplishments in so many areas, Dr. John Williams is a Humble man a man you can relate to as a dear friend who exemplifies His master and Lord Jesus Christ. We highly recommend His ministry which is on the cutting edge and impacting the nations. We pray for God's continual blessings as you share in the man's ministry.


27. I am very happy that God is with you and is blessing you in a big way and using you as His powerful instrument to reach many people with the Good News. May God bless you and keep you and make you a blessing to many people in our country and outside.

28. Thanks for sending your article titled "Love Your Neighbor as Yourself." I enjoyed it a lot and I encourage you to continue to send me other articles also. I will talk about your institute to my friends.
29. I have greatly enjoyed the course materials. They are awesome. I do not have the words to express its goodness. The lessons are sweet to the spirit, awakening and edifying. I have never come across anything like this before.
30. Dr. Williams, I really loved your sermon on love, which was circulated in a private email digest from a community called "Jesus is Lord of my Life". May I have your permission to post that sermon on my website as a sample of available IICM services?
31. Sir, for the past 3 years and more, I read Bible everyday. But only after studying your course materials/literature, I am astonished that, so many things are hidden in the Bible, which I could not make out for the past 3 years and over. Really the course materials and books were  very useful for me to understand and meditate the word of God.
32. D.Min is not only a study for me but a regular experience which is helping me in spiritual growth. I will always remain thankful for incorporating such Christian spirit in me, which is helping me till now in Spiritual Growth.
33. Simple, useful, truths to set free, helpful in ministry to get trained and also to train others.
34. The program was really a blessing to my ministry. The presentation of each topic was simple. Therefore it is easy to remember.
35. IICM correspondence course is very helpful in my ministry because books are giving full knowledge and has improved my spiritual life. I would like to further study the course to reach the un-reached people in Bihar.
36. At the time of joining the course, I used to read Bible, but could not grasp the inner meaning of the word of God. I was not able to apply the  word of God in my practical life. After joining the M.Min. Course, I could live a practical life according to Bible. The course material written by our President was really practical and easy to understand. Then the Research courses work helped me to work on the subjects more than my limitations.
37. On the whole I was able to apply this course in my practical life through the project work, thus by spreading the Gospel of God.
38. I thank our President Mr. John Williams in this regard and I pray God for his blessings on him and IICM.
39. The correspondence course is very useful to me to develop my ministry and improve my spiritual life. It helps me to live by faith.
40. My knowledge about the word of God has developed very much. Practically speaking in my ministry, I was touched by the books of Dr. John Williams. I would make others also know the word of God in a more easier way through IICM Correspondence Courses.
41. I enrolled myself to the Doctor of Ministry program. I found the course to be very simple and easy to follow and understand. The simple truths enfolded with clarity. The curriculum is very apt needed for ministry like what I am called to operate in the office of an evangelist. I have already encouraged many upcoming Christian Leaders to follow instructions of this kind, which costs effective too. Itís a honor to have been a fruit in the ministry. It is indeed effective when putting into operation.
42. This correspondence course is very useful and life oriented, I am privileged to meditate and use the main points in my reaching. I want to serve as a rep of IICM to Tirunelveli. I praise God for the efforts taken by IICM in making Lords people as  good disciples. May God bless the new effort of opening IICM Extension Center in Tirunelveli.
43. The correspondence Courses are good. It gives me practical experience to the Bible in the following ways:
       1. Creates interest to read the Bible with more concentration.
       2. Challenges to take up more responsibilities.
       3. It gives wisdom to deal with people more effectively with the principles.
       4. It made me a new creature with deep desire to practice the Bible in day to day life.
       5. The language is simple and the guidance and cooperation of the faculty was good.
44. After taking up your course of B.Min. in correspondence mode. It helped me in upgrading my knowledge of the Bible truths and above all guides me in assisting my church for winning more souls for Christ.
45. It is very glad to share my opinions and views about your ministry. Really, you have made easy undergo theological training. You have easy subjects. Chosen by you with simple English, which can be easily understandable sum to non-graduates. It is more advisable and informative.  That the subjects chosen and offered by you. The analysis of every topic is so helpful, useful and encouraging the spiritual values. It is the will of God, that your ministry is being spread all over the parts of our country. Even in printing the matter, you have selected big and bold letters, so that even old people can study even without spectacles.
46. The correspondence courses offered by IICM are very simple and systematic. The important issues dealing with the ministry are discussed  very nicely. The dealing of the IICM staff in correspondence is also very impressive. My life and ministry for the past two years have been  blessed by IICMís Correspondence Courses.
47. The course is excellent, very simple, powerful and Biblical. Though I was preaching for 27 years, I could learn many things & my eyes were enlightened to see new things, and it is useful in the ministry on Bible Studies and gospel meetings. Your course has encouraged me to conduct such studies in my area also. These studies are spiritual too, I could correct my personal life through this.
48. The correspondence courses of IICM are very excellent and it is very much useful in my life and in our ministry also. Through IICM, God has helped me to complete the course of Doctor of Ministries and I have much encouraged in my spiritual life.
49. Correspondence Courses of IICM is exegetic, eloquent, exquisite and much informative spiritually, Biblically and quite useful both for graduation and church management. The study material of IICM correspondence courses are helpful in many ways such as in Youth Ministry, Womenís Ministry, Church Administration, and Teaching in Bible Colleges, Preaching Bible, Winning souls for Christ and preparing for His Second Coming. In my ministry the study material are useful to prepare sermons, lessons for Bible College teachings, and for conventions. It has thoroughly edified my spiritual life and helpful in my family altar.
50. This correspondence course is very helpful to me. It enables me to grow more in the word of God. Very easy to understand the basic truths as well as the foundational truths in a very simple language. I was really enjoying this course, when I was doing my research. I am really saturated with the word of God. It gives me more joy and peace and my mental tension is relieved. Let our lord bless this ministry. My three children are also doing these courses so my house is filled with the word of God. Whenever I turn I can see only IICM Books and Bibles & reference books. I am living in the gold mine or in the Garden of Eden. Totally it changed the whole atmosphere of  my house.
51. It is easy to study languages or subjects because we are brought up to do this all through our early life. But it is a different matter when it comes to studying Godís word, the Holy Bible! People are either afraid, lazy, or have undertaken other courses from other institutes, which have been complicated and boring!
52. The courses at IICM are 100% Biblical, easy to read, easy to understand and a joy to follow and learn from. It equips the student to use Godís word powerfully and effectively within the church of Jesus Christ, as well as when witnessing to non-Christians. I also found the staff and faculty members very kind, helpful and knowledgeable. They are committed to imparting Godís word to others.
53. I found the courses were very good. The books, which were written by Rev. John Williams, were very useful for the ministry.
54. This course is not only a degree course but also a spiritually enlightening course. The research topics gave every deep understanding of Biblical Truths. Because of this I am joining Ph.D. I am fascinated by the syllabi of DD course. I want to join the global ministry of IICM.
55. I have learned many Biblical truths and practical applications through this study. These courses were simple to learn and to understand. I thank God for this wonderful opportunity to study IICMís Correspondence courses.
56. Dear Dr. John Williams, Thank you very much for the very good seminar conducted by you for the pastors and leaders from 15th to 17th March 2002, I attended there with my friends. Really we enjoyed the spirit filled messages on the theme of "All things are Possible to whom that believes". I praise the wonderful name of our God, and I thank you once again.
57. Sir, I enjoyed doing this course, I also wish to do Ph.D. Doctor of Philosophy course that IICM offers.
58. What a joy it was to enjoy your fellowship and co-operation. I was truly blessed by the conference.
59. I had the first experience of attending the Annual All India Pastors & Leaders Conference from March 15 to 17, 2002. On the whole I  was impressed, particularly your speeches and the enormous power of the Holy Spirit bestowed.
60. The Lord did numerous creative miracles and manifested his omnipotent power in your IICM books. The course was very much useful to me in preaching and teaching and receiving blessings from the Lord for the ministry.
61. I am privileged to be a student of IICM, I am proud to be with IICM. Though the IICM is a correspondence Bible School/College but for me IICM is a regular theology training. As I introduce IICM to many people they appreciate.
62. It is not just as simple as people recognize it as correspondence course but needs lots of studies and prayers as if I am in a Bible College. I am learning and learnt a lot through this course and I am blessed. I also organize theological training but I feel that IICM has been a backbone for me.
63. During my ministry trip as a guest speaker in a convention and passion weeks meetings I found that my learning through IICM helped me a lot. I express my gratitude to the founder Dr. John Williams for fulfilling Godís calling. His written books are absolutely practical and excellent.
64. By the manifold grace of the Lord Jesus Christ, I thank God for this wonderful opportunity to be in touch with Dr. John Williams and IICM. The courses offered by IICM are anointed, simple, balanced, inspiring, motivating, stirring, instructive,life-changing and biblically sound teaching which are undoubtedly much needed for the equipping training and sharpening of every saint and servant of God for Christian Ministry for the 21st century, I irrespective of any Church, Ministry or denomination. Anyone who desired to full Lifeís Best in the plans of God must never miss IICM.
65. Dr. John Williams article was a blessing to me, when I read it. Though it was long, I enjoyed it very much. Kindly send me regularly. God bless you richly.
66. I would like to express my deep appreciation and gratitude for all help rendered by the IICM regarding the D.Min. Course. The study books supplied for the ĎGeneral Courseí were excellent. Although I am an avid reader of books, the teaching material supplied in these study books, is certainly the best. I learnt many new things, I never knew before. It helped renew my mind as well. I enjoyed doing the course, which was presented in a simple manner that could be very easily be understood. My ardent prayer is that many would do these courses.

67. Your memories are still afresh in mind, in spite of your departure from Karunya, physically. That is the kind of indelible mark, you had left  behind in my fertile heart for the 3 main reasons below, besides other factors.
       1. Accessibility      2. Simplicity       3. Spirituality. 
All of your messages were divine and of difference from the normal interpretation heard till now  and were of high spiritual standard challenging to a greater spiritual life, especially Isaiah 1:18, Malachi 3:8 and Ephesians 3:19. May God bless your present ministries, future missions. As Elijah blessed Elisa, so I was blessed.


68. A Subscriber of Our Daily Meditation writes:
Thank you very much for your "Daily Meditation" through which, Word is being spread all over the World.  It is very useful for me.


69. A Subscriber of Our Daily Meditation writes:
Keep sending your Daily Meditation, which is very useful to me in my ministry and also in my personal life.


70. An M.Th. student writes:
Thank you very much for helping me through the Internet Correspondence Courses, that you offer. I am able to get the Information and Knowledge from the Bible through the Course Materials very easily.


71. An Alumni of IICM writes:
When I go through Dr. John Williams' subjects, all of them are good and excellent.  It really helps me and equips me in the Ministry of God's Kingdom.


72. A Subscriber of Our Daily Meditation writes:
Thank you very much for sending me these Biblical notes.


73. A Subscriber of Our Daily Meditation writes:
Thank you very much for your valuable mail to me.


74. A Subscriber of Our Daily Meditation writes:
Thank you for the wonderful teachings you always send me. They are very helpful to me as well as other Brothers in Christ. I am therefore requesting for biblical chapters that support the various points you have stated about "Giving".


75. A Principal of a Theology Institute in Kerala, writes:
We have begun to sponsor our faculty to study with IICM and Mr. Saneesh Cherian, was the first person whom we sponsored in this way. His work is almost complete, as already known to you and we are happy about the way you have trained him.


76. A Subscriber of Our Daily Meditation writes:
Thank you for the Meditation Message. It was very good. We may use it in our magazine.


77. An M.Th. student from Hindustan Bible College, Chennai writes:
I went through one of the issue of your Daily Meditation, which is really Life Changing and giving me an insight  for living with Him.


78. A Subscriber of Our Daily Meditation writes:
Thank you very much for sending me your Newsletter regularly and updating Daily Meditation from the Bible - The Word of God and IICM News.


79. A Subscriber of Our Daily Meditation writes:
Thank you for the wonderful email. You are precious in the sight of God. Your labor is not in vain. Don't ever give up.


80. A Subscriber of Our Daily Meditation writes:
Thank you very much for sending me Devotional Messages.


81. A Subscriber of Our Daily Meditation writes:
Thanks for your message on "Meekness". The last portion was really very specific for myself. Do send me such  messages regularly. May the LORD GOD bless us and keep us in Him till His coming.


82. An Alumni of IICM writes:
Thank you for all your messages. I will get back to you and hopefully to visit personally and take up your course.


83. A subscriber of Daily Meditation:
Thank you very much for your email. I am very happy to read your messages. I will be grateful, if you will send me regularly.


84. A subscriber of Daily Meditation
Thank you very much for sending the Meditation Issues, which are wholesome, analytical, thought provoking and practical.


85. A Pastor from Cotonou Rep. of Benin, writes:
I am happy for what God is doing in IICM, and I am convinced in my spirit to be a part of your ministry and a representative of your ministry here in Benin Rep. I will affiliate my church to your church, and I believe that as we will work together more effective work will be done for our Lord Jesus Christ.


86. A Subscriber of Daily Meditation:
I thank and appreciate for sending me Daily Meditation 31st Issue.


87. A subscriber of Daily Meditation writes:
Your Meditation Word was so refreshing to my tired and thirsty soul. It encouraged me a lot. Thanks for that.


88. A subscriber of Daily Meditation writes:
Thanks for the Meditation Word (dated Dec.12th) It is wonderful.. (High Degree of..)  I checked myself in every area and came to know that I have to improve more!  I am going to take out the prints and give to our friends and ministry people too! It encouraged me to go and grow more to the higher degree!!  This blesses me. Thank you so much.


89. A subscriber of Daily Meditation writes:
I am receiving your mails about Daily Meditation. Thank you so much. They are so helpful for additional meditations.


90. A B.Min. Student of IICM
Thank you so much for inviting me to attend Pastors and Leaders Conference. I was really blessed by your  positive messages on PARADIGM SHIFT.


91. A subscriber of our Daily Meditation:
Thank you very much for sending Daily Meditation information of Dr. John Williams. Please continue to send them to us in Sri Lanka as they are very valuable materials to us. Thank you for thinking of us at a time, we need much encouragement and prayers from our brothers.


92. A D.D. student in Libya writes as follows:
 "I appreciate Dr. John Williams' books on each subject.  The Biblical Truths are extracted and placed in the books as Gems. It is so easy to read, memorize and apply to the life in practice to grow spiritually.  It is just Applied Theology.  


93. An M.Div. student in Assam, India, writes as follows:
"I am getting a lot of new blessings from my studies under your guidance of systematic studies of the Bible.  I am enriched and benefited to a great extent. ďChurch ManagementĒ is an interesting book and it adds a new dimension to my knowledge. 


94. A B.Th. student from Nairobi, Kenya writes:
I have been reading your Articles and I am blessed to have resourceful people like you who stand with me to make my Ministry effective in my country.


95. A D.Min. student in Malaysia, writes:
Your course materials are excellent and Biblical. 


96. An Evangelist, B.D. student Writes:
Sir, I have got the benefit of spiritual feeding from IICM by the Grace of Lord Jesus Christ, Holy Spirit and Heavenly Father.


97. A D.D. student writes:
The program conducted by you was very much appreciated.  I was blessed by the thoughts given by you.  


98.  A Pastor and a student of IICM in Kuwait writes:
Congratulations to IICM for completing 25 years of service to the Christian community. May God bless IICM and its founder Dr. John Williams and the staff.  " I will multiply them and they shall not diminish; I will also glorify them and they shall not be small" Jeremiah 30:19 


99. An Alumni of IICM in South Africa writes:
I learned a lot from your course and my studies, and IICM was very meaningful for this mission. I will return to Kenya very soon this year. I have read your wonderful writings about "war and causes of war". Thank you very much. I have also read of the development of the Institute and I am proud to be a graduate of the Institute.


100. An M.Min. Student from Kerala, writes:
A word of appreciation about my M.Min. Program, I appreciate the curriculum and of its pure evangelical outlook, and of the intensive Bible based studies.  I found all these aspects very helpful for my Ministry here.  I am also sure that the courses you offer will serve the needs of the church workers.


101. A Rep. of IICM in Karnataka writes:
I am glad to know that the Institute is offering excellent programs to equip servants of God for better and effective ministry.  I pray for Godís abundant blessings upon your mission and multiply the work in the future.


102. An Adjunct Faculty of IICM in Myanmar writes: 
When I read your article the "Spirit of Anger", I got more Knowledge and Christian Education.  If I translate this article into Burmese Language, it will be more useful to the Christians in Myanmar.  I trust, it will give more strength and Christian knowledge to them.


103. A B.Th. student writes:
I really want to thank you for such a teaching material, which God has enabled you to write for us. Itís indeed a good teaching material and really it helped me a lot.


104. An M.Th. Student writes :
Thank you for sending me daily Meditation from the Bible - The Word of GOD. I find it very helpful in knowing the thought for the day. I shall be thankful, if you send me regularly.


105. A subscriber of our Daily Meditation writes:
Really I got good feelings after reading the Daily Meditation on "LOVE", and I would like my self to get rid of hatred, if I have a little bit hatred.


106. A subscriber of our Daily Meditation writes:
The Daily Meditation, which you send daily, is really nice and of course important for life. Please keep sending me these meditations.  I'll be highly grateful to you.


107. A subscriber of our Daily Meditation writes:
Thank you for the Daily Meditation, which you are sending to me.  It's really helping me a lot. Some of my friends were inspired by this daily meditation. 


108. A subscriber of our Daily Meditation writes:
It has been wonderful to go through your Daily Meditation every day for the past one-week or so since, I started receiving it from you.  It is really very useful and blessing for us.  So far among all the beautiful issues what you send every day, the Devotion on MONEY is just great.  I just like it and learnt a lot from it and pray to God that I should abide by it.


109. A subscriber of our Daily Meditation writes:
Thanks Brother very much for sending me the Word of God Daily.  Really, the words are touching my heart every day. I would like to receive this kind of information to be sent to me.


110. A subscriber of our Daily Meditation writes:
I want to thank you for the daily meditations that have been appearing in my email inbox.  They were Biblical & Spiritual.


111. An M.Min. Student in Canada writes:
Thank you very much for sending me Daily Mediation from the Bible, which is encouraging me very much, in my spiritual life.  Thank you again for the gracious Bible portions that you are sending me.  I pray that God, the Father and Jesus Christ, his son will bless your Ministry and the IICM abundantly.


112. A subscriber of our Daily Meditation writes:
Thanks a lot for your meditation reflection.  It is good because, I am able to lead a Spiritual Life.

113. A subscriber of our Daily Meditation writes:
Thank you for sending me the Daily Meditation.  This is awesome. It came on a day I needed it very much.

114. A subscriber of our Daily Meditation writes:
Thank you for sending me Daily Devotion, which is a blessing to me. 


115. A subscriber of our Daily Meditation writes:
Thank you for the Daily Meditation from the Bible.  I feel happy to receive the Daily Meditation that you send everyday.  I pray God to bless you brother abundantly and use you mightily in his ministry.


116. A subscriber of our Daily Meditation writes: 
Wow! I was so much excited to receive your Daily Meditation -The Word of God.  It challenges me to do more effective Godís Ministry in my ministerial life in the Bhutanese Refugee camp. I sincerely thank you for your prayer supports and Daily Meditation - Word of God. 


117. A Ph.D. student from Australia writes:
l am enjoying the Studies.  They are wonderfully informative.


118. An M.Min. student writes: I am blessed with your Educational Materials. 


119. A D.Min. student in Ethiopia writes:
Thank you for sending me the two books :- Living by faith, Biblical Principles on giving.  I studied them and found them very essential to my life and ministry.


120. A Subscriber of Our Daily Meditation writes:
The issues of Daily Meditation, which I am receiving daily is a miracle to me. You have no idea how much this means to me. It has come when I need it the most...


121. A subscriber of our Daily Meditation:
Thank you very much for sending Daily Meditation information of Dr. John Williams.  Please continue to send them to us in Sri Lanka, as they are very valuable materials to us.  Thank you for thinking of us at a time, we need much encouragement and prayers from our brothers. 


122. The Principal of a Bible College in Myanmar:
Thank you for sending the catalog of IICM.  The programs are very interesting and at least two or three of our faculty members would like to enroll.


123. A M.Div. student from Ethiopia writes:
Your Institute is the right establishment. This is just to let you know that I do want to study in the Masters of Divinity program. I feel happy to get this opportunity of studying clear, straightforward and practical kind of study in your institute. I know what you are doing is a sacrifice and very fruitful.


124. A Subscriber of our Daily Meditation writes:
Accidentally I came across your web site, as I was browsing it was a chain of wonderful messages which I got printed out for my future reference.  I was so excited to view a formatted version, designed, explained in right and simple manner for viewers to understand, who has interest to know more about the Biblical depth. I am really thankful to the management.                         


125. One of Subscriber of our Internet Anointing Magazine
Thank you very much for your kind and much appreciated response. We heartily welcome you to The Global Prayer Network of Mercy Economic Development India Concern Foundation [MEDIC]. Your participation really encourages us. God is blessing prayer groups by answering prayers in remarkable ways throughout the globe. The shorter the time, greater His grace unto His people. It would be nice to meet you when you are next in India. One of our Board Members was a correspondence student of IICM of Madras. We are located in the Nilgris of Tamilnadu. Thank you also very much for the promise to connect us to churches for fellowship. This is indeed a wonderful offer as the churches in the Nilgiris are very much cut off from other districts and Christian fellowship. We will write to you soon how we can work on that suggestion together.  Once again we are really thankful to you for writing. The good Lord bless you and your ministry mightily!


126. One of Subscriber of our Anointing Magazine
It is with such a great honor that I received an email from your ministry about the wonderful work you are doing in the Body of Christ worldwide. It really excited my heart coming into contact with a man of your standing. I am greatly humbled and I believe God has a purpose and plan for causing us to cross each other's paths.  I am acquainting myself with your ministry through the website which has impacted many people.  You have a wonderful love for the people of India. The doors are open in Uganda and I will be looking forward to meet you when you come over.


127.  One of Subscriber of our Anointing Magazine 
Your article, The Grace of our Lord Jesus Christ is very good and strengthen our spiritual life. Please send me the Magazine regularly


128. A Subscriber of Our Internet Anointing Magazine from Ethiopia writes: 
I am very much happy and it is a privilege to me to work with you here in Ethiopia.  Recently, we are planning to have two gospel crusades and pastors/ ministersí seminar in two city of the country. it is planned to be conducted in October 2004 for two weeks. the gospel crusades involves more than 40.000 people and about 3,000 ministers will be attending the seminars.


129. A Subscriber of Our Daily Meditation from Malaysia writes:
It's wonderful to receive such a Blessing Message from you.  May the Lord Bless all your good work. The Daily Meditation Issues are really very useful to us, as I am a  Church Pastor.  We are blessed by your daily meditation.  God will continuously fill you with wisdom and understanding. 

131. A D.Min Student of IICM writes:
I just wanted to drop you a note to let you know how much I have enjoyed the Bible Truths Course.  It was an Excellent Material and it was thoroughly enjoyable.

132. A Subscriber of our Anointing Magazine writes:
I also wanted to let you know that I've viewed all the videos from your services and crusades from around the world, and thought they were just wonderful!  What an anointing you have and the genuine care for people and their salvation is very evident.  I can't stop thinking about your ministry and how I might be able to help.    I have a burning passion to evangelism in the Spirit, if you could use me there.  I'm just very drawn to your ministry and do believe I've been led to IICM.  I could go on for hours but don't want to take up too much of your time.  Just know that I truly have a great admiration for what you are doing and how God is using you to help build His Kingdom.


133. A Subscriber of our Anointing Magazine writes:
It is with such a great honor, that I received an email from your ministry, about the wonderful work you are doing in the Body of Christ, worldwide. It really excited my heart coming into contact with a man of your standing. I am greatly humbled, and I believe God, has a purpose and plan for causing us to cross each other's paths. I am acquainting myself with your ministry through the website which has impacted many people. You have a wonderful love for the people of India. The doors are open in Uganda and I will be looking forward to meeting you when you come over.


134. A B.D. student writes:
I truly appreciate your concern and encouraging help at all times. This spirit helps all students to be at ease and that is what I have personally witnessed.


135.  A Pastor who attended the Seminar writes:
Thank you very much for visiting our church and for the inspiring sermons you have delivered.  We had been very much blessed through your sermons.  I appreciate the love and concern you have towards our ministry.


136.  A Pastor who attended the Seminar writes:
I trust that God has brought you to our place with a specific purpose.  I praise and thank God.  I would like to continue our fellowship with you the future and pray for you and for your ministry.  Our Church Members were very much blessed by your sermons.   I have been longing in my heart to introduce this Anointing Ministry in our churches.  God has brought you and started this work through you.  Hope the Holy Spirit will continue this work in our churches. 


137.  A Pastor who attended the Seminar writes:
I praise the Lord, for having made it possible for me to make it to the Conference Hall at the Hotel Parisutham, the venue of your seminar on 21 July 2004.  It was a great privilege for me to attend your meetings and listen to your exciting sermons and it was so inspiring that, I feel greatly stimulated with a strong urge to get up and walk and join the large flock of ministers trained by the IICM.   Dear Dr. Williams, when you came near me from the podium, and spoke to me with compassion, affection and prayed for me, laying your hands on my head, I could feel the vibrant penetration of the Anointing of the Holy Spirit, surging through my whole body.  It was a wonderful experience.   I thank you for your noble favor on me that day by making it a very special and a memorable day in my life.

138.  A Subscriber of our Daily Meditation writes:
Thank you for your message. I am very interested in reading magazine please do send daily.

139. A Pastor in Christian City Church writes:
Thank you very much for blessing us with your presence and powerful preaching of the word of God, last Sunday,
(the 15th August 2004), in our church service.  We consider that as a great privilege and honor.  You have greatly
encouraged us and taught us very valuable lessons as to how, we can become prosperous, in everything we do
(Psalm 1:3).  The teachings on how to appropriate the blessings and promises of God were very practical and quite

140. A subscriber of our Daily Meditation writes:
Thank you for your beautiful daily Devotions which is useful in my personal life.
141. A D.D. Student Writes:
I feel that it is a great Privilege for me to get a D.D. Degree in this age, and I feel that God has opened  a Channel of Blessing for me through this Institution. Once again, I would like to extend my gratitude to you.
142. An M.Th. Student Writes:
The questions put forward by the Institute helped me a lot in understanding the Bible in depth. Mostly questions on
Gospels and Proverbs were very interesting.  The pattern of questions were very specific for the answers.  I enjoyed
writing answers to each and every question very much.
143. An M.Th. Student from Ethiopia writes:
I want to thank God for the knowledge, I have got from the courses, I have taken from IICM. They are inspiring as well as life filled courses.
144. An Subscriber of our Daily Meditation writes:
Thank you and God Bless your Ministry, For you have made Biblical Educations ACCESS to almost every interested individual around the globe. I have heard about your esteemed institution and planned to start my education.
God Bless You
145. A 
Pastor writes:
The college is an excellent oriented college in all aspect.
146. A D.Min. Student Writes:
Thank you so much for giving me this opportunities and privileges to study D.Min. in your Institution. I hope by doing
so, God will equip me to do his Service with better understanding and knowledge.
147. A 
Subscriber of our Magazine writes:
We are appreciate to initiate the study through internet .
Pastor who attended the IICM Conference writes:
We rejoice with Dr. John Williams on the occasion of the Ministries' 20th anniversary. What a double portion fulfillment of the Law of the LORD. Going on for God for these two decades proves the sincerity and faithfulness of Dr John Williams. Keep on making the Holy, Righteous, and Powerful Name of the LORD known to the spiritually hungry ones that His Name may be glorified, Amen.
149. A D.D. 
Student writes:
I am blessed to study the course materials of IICM , through the Degree I sought and for that, I would like to express my heartfelt thanks to you.
150. A D.Min. Student Writes:
Thank you so much for giving me this privilege to study D.Min. in your institution. I hope by doing so God will equipped me to do his service with better understanding and knowledge.
151. A Pastor from Associated Christ 
Gospel writes:
We rejoice with Dr. John Williams on the occasion of the Ministries' 20th anniversary. What a double portion fulfillment of the Law of the LORD. Going on for God for these two decades proves the sincerity and faithfulness of Dr John Williams. Keep on making the Holy, Righteous, and Powerful Name of the LORD known to the spiritually hungry ones that His Name may be glorified, Amen.
152. A Visitor of our Website writes:
We appreciate to initiate the study through internet.
153. A D.Min. Student writes:
Thank you so much for giving me this opportunities and privilege to study D.Min. in your Institution. I hope by doing so,
God will equip me to do his Service with better understanding and knowledge.
154. A Visitor of our Website writes:
The college is an excellent oriented college in all aspect.
155. A Prospective Student of IICM writes:
Thank you and God Bless your Ministry, For you have made Biblical Educations ACCESS to almost every interested individual around the globe. I have heard about your esteemed institution and planned to start my education. God Bless You.
156. Director of Vision Advance Mission writes:
We are Robert and Joyce Ricciardelli. We are Market place servants of Jesus Christ Although we have a local church. 
We will happy to be of any help to your ministry.
157. A Prospective student of IICM writes:
I like to do B.Th through correspondence and would like to have your application form and registration fee etc..
for a B Th. course.
158. Founder/President of Biblos International Evangelical Seminary, England writes:
Dear Dr. Williams, Warmest Greetings in our Lord's precious Name.  
With great sincerity, mere mortal words are inadequate to express the sheer joy I experienced when I visited your
website last evening. Indeed, the whole website seemed to be full of joy, worship, and more importantly - anointing!.
159. A D.Min. student from New York writes:
I spent some considerable time viewing every aspect of the excellent site, which brought me  great blessing. Having
visited your Faculty/Adjunct Faculty Link I feel led to contact you to convey my interest in IICM Bible College as a whole. I thank God for this opportunity I got to study the Word of God.  I always wanted to do this, but never had a chance to attend Bible Colleges due to my other commitments.  This unique opportunity you provided fulfilled my dreams.  Your program will help so many others to accomplish their goals in life and prepare them for the ministry.
160. One of the Subscriber of our Anointing Magazine writes:
Thanks a billion for your faith uplifting and inspiring magazine, "Anointing", which I have been receiving regularly over the
internet. Most theologians address their thoughts to other theologians but the "Anointing" magazine is addressed to
common people like me
161. One of the Subscriber of our Anointing Magazine writes:
I am proud of your college because it will help me indeed for personal enrichment, my ministry, church and the
community around me.
162. One of our  Ordained Pastor of IICM writes:
I have great zeal to bring nearly hundreds of people gathering to worship God in our prayer hall.  I had been ordained
as a pastor by IICM on 17.01.03.  I am blessed and led many hearts into the salvation through the ordination I received.
163. An M.Min. student of IICM writes:
I would like to thank our President especially for these topical books; a great treasure of knowledge is stored in these books.
164. An M.C.L. student of IICM from Trinidad & Tobago
I just finished my first course, Biblical Principles on Giving.  The book on the subject was very revealing and challenged
me to place greater emphasis on my giving.  
165. The Pastor of Calvary Telugu Church writes:
It is really a great joy for me to see your website and to know about your ministries.  I am very much interested in
joining with you and your organization, and to have a share in your ministries in the days to come. 
165. One of the Pastor from Wings of Victory Church Inc., writes:
The Course offerings are wonderful.  Continue the great work God has set before you.
God Bless
166. One of the subscribers of our Anointing Magazine from Thailand, writes:
I am so thankful for the past articles that were written by Dr. John Williams.  It was really a great blessing for my spiritual life.  I pray that this ministry will continue to grow and be a blessing to everyone.
167.  A Pastor from London, writes:
I am impressed by what the Lord is doing in your ministry, and I would like to be a part of it.  Please show me how I can be a part. 
168.  An M.Th. student from Nepal, writes:
Courses by Dr. John Williams are very excellent, easy and practical it has helped me a lot in growing in the Christian life.
169. One of our Subscriber of our Daily Meditation from Bangalore, India writes:
I have received your email message.  It is awesome.  I appreciate your good works.  Be Blessed.
170. A Rep. of IICM from Oman writes:
I am thankful to Dr. John Williams in the name of our Lord Jesus Christ, for giving me this opportunity to spread the
Word of God through his ministry recruiting students.  I believe firmly, that who comes out from this ministry will be an
asset to spread the Gospel.
171. An M.C.L. student from Trinidad writes:
I wish to inform you that I am really enjoying these courses.  They are very practical, educational and conducive to study.
172. One of the Subscriber of our Daily Meditation writes:
Thanks for sharing to us this very important insight about Judging Others. May God bless you and continue the
good work for the Lord
173. A B.Min. student from Nagaland writes:
I am serving as a pastor in Baptist Church in Nagaland.  And I would like to inform you that how much I am satisfied by
undertaking the courses offered by you.  I noticed many new things which will be helping in the ministry. The course
was a lot more encouraging to me.
174. An MCL student from Ethiopia writes:
Thank you for the burden the Lord gave to you.  You are one of divine instrument to expand and strengthen the
Kingdom of God.  It is my prayer for the hands of the Lord to strengthen you and your ministry.
175. A Prospective Student of IICM writes:
Your Ministry is so wonderful and amazing to know, how you bring to the people of God an opportunity to be
successful in the work of God.
176. An M.Min. Student from Delhi writes:
I am thankful to God for this Mercy and Blessings to accomplish this M.Min. Course in due time.  I am not sure how to
thank the Institution and all God's Servants who were involved in  my tow years Course.  Yet, I would like to extend my
heartiest thank to all in the name of our Almighty Lord Jesus Christ.  I am really benefited through this Course and helped
me to share the Word of Lord and help the needy.
177. An M.Div. Student from West Bengal writes:
The Course had been a true blessing for me and I would like to thank IICM staff who helped me whenever I needed.
178. An M.Min. Student from New Delhi writes:
I am thankful to God for this mercy and blessings to accomplish this M.Min. Course in due time. I am not sure how to thank the Institution and all God's people who were involved in my two years course. Yet, I would like to extend my heartiest thank to all in the name of our Almighty Lord Jesus Christ. I am really benefited through this course and helped me to share the Word of Lord and help the needy.
179. An Adjunct Faculty of IICM from Tamil Nadu writes:
I attended the IICM Special Meeting for International Ministry on 12.9.2005, at IICM Head Quarters, Ruby Tower. It was a revelation for all of us. I used to admire your efficiency and ability in establishing IICM.
180. An M.Div. Student from Sierra Leone writes:
I have been really challenged by this short course. I have made some quality decision towards applying this revelation to my life. I am also planning to teach it in our weekly Bible studies. Thank you very much for your help.
181. One of our Prospective Student writes:
I came to your site looking for an opportunity to learn more about the Lord's word. I am a computer engineer, using my expertise in His Ministry. I am working in a church helping in IT Management. Since I am in a professional line, I am unable to attend a regular Bible College. Thanks for this great service which is just right for me.
182. One of our Student Delegate writes who attended our February 2006 conference in Chennai writes:
I was richly anointed by the Holy Spirit, which helps me to be very powerful and effective in my ministry.
183. An M.Th. Student from Switzerland writes:
I read your book on "Divine Prosperity" which I think is excellent, very precise and short to the point.
184. A Th.D. Student from Malaysia writes:
The book is well written and is easy to read. It gives the reader an overview of what the "Wisdom of God" is and what is not.
185. An Ph.D. Student from Ethiopia writes:
I am very much moved with the books titled "Biblical principles of Giving", "The Power of God" you sent me while I was working for my MCL Degree. I am interested in translating them to Amharic my official language and make a preparatory work to start your ministry here in Ethiopia.
186. One of our Prospective Students writes:
Last day while I was searching in internet I happened to see your website. I was very much delighted by seeing your vision and objectives of IICM. I am also looking for a proper person to guide me in my ministry . Let me introduce myself, I am Sibu John working as a Mechanical Engineer in an MNC in Chennai. Coming to my Spiritual back ground, I was born and brought up in a traditional orthodox family ,but later by God's Grace I accepted Jesus as my savior and baptized in water and spirit. Not only me a lot of youth people from my locality also baptized. So we decided to form an independent church (in Kerala, my native place) and last month we registered the church as a Trust by the name "Beulah Christian Church".
187. A Th.D Student from Kerala, writes:
The Books authored by Rev. Dr. John Williams, are so simple and lovely in language. I got many new ideas and made even new messages out of it. When I was reading these books I was guided to stop reading and pray  with tears. So lovely. Thank you so much. This is my prayer that the Lord may use you  to write more books for the glory of God. My heartfelt appreciations and applauses to you my lovely teacher.
188. A D.D Student/Bishop from Sri Lanka writes:
I am extremely impressed at your books. I know there is power in them to set the captives free, and to teach wisdom to the ignorant. I am overjoyed at your teaching as they are teaching the Dynamic, Liberating WORD rather than about the WORD.

189. A B.Th. Student from India writes as follows:
I am studying for B.Theology with IICM and would like to let you know that I am enjoying the course immensely. Thank you for all the time and effort you have put into it. I will continue to pray for the ministry.

190. A Ph.D. Student from Kenya writes as follows:
Thanks so much for the reading materials. I wish to thank Dr. Williams for these beautiful teachings. God bless the IICM family. Pass my love to Dr. Williams and every faithful believer. I have started reading the Giving Book. It is so full of PRECIOUS SECRETS: secrets of Living in Abundance, spiritually, emotionally, physically and socially. Yes, am in the RIGHT INSTITUTION. I will do all the courses at IICM, because they are spiritually edifying. God bless.