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We have several highly qualified Faculty and Adjunct Faculty Members
in several cities and states of India, but we still need more Adjunct Faculty Members.

	Their responsibilities will be as follows: 
* To Review and Upgrade our Curriculum * To Write New Courses * To Conduct Special Seminars and Courses in our Extension Centers * To Speak in our Regional and National Pastors & Leaders Conferences * To Evaluate & Grade the Assignments of our students * To Guide Students to research to write their Thesis/Dissertation & * To Give Academic Counsel

The Adjunct Faculty Members are expected to perform any of the above functions only when their services are required, and they may at that time accept the assignment and do it within the stipulated date. If they do not have the time to accept the assignment for any reason whatsoever, they may decline it. For the services rendered, an honorarium will be given according to the policy of IICM. If you are interested in serving as an Adjunct Faculty Member of IICM, send an email to iicmweb@iicm.us

# Name Qualification Specialization State
1 Rev.Dr.Thupu-0 Nyekha B.Th., B.A.Th.,D.Min. Ministry, Counseling Nagaland
2 Dr. K. Venkatesan Jesudas D.B.S.,B.Min., M.Min.,D.Min. Ministry Tamil Nadu
3 Mr. Rajan.M.Karakkattil B.Sc., M.A., M.Min., MARD, M.Phil. Ministry Kerala
4 Mr.R.Gladwin Gaberial M.A.,M.A., M.Ed., M.Div., D.S.M. Homiletics, Counseling, Communication Tamil Nadu
5 Rev. D. Arputharaj M.A.,  P.G.Dip. Urban Ministry Tamil Nadu
6 Pastor.N.T.Thomas B.Com., B.Th., G.Th. (Double) Bible Teaching Uttar Pradesh
7 Mr. Henkholien Gangte B.Th. (Theology), M.B.S. Ministry Manipur
8 Dr. P. Sam Daniel  M.A.M.A., B.Sc., Dip.in Rel., Ph.D. Applied Linguistics/Research Methodology Karnataka
8 Rev.G.Varghese Vethakan B.E., D.C.T., D.Th., M.Min., (Ph.D.) Apologetics Tamil Nadu
9 Rev.I. James Victor B.A., M.A., D.Min.   Health Care, Counseling, Administration, Preaching Tamil Nadu
10 Dr. Nzan Odyuo B.Th.,  M.Div.,    M.Th., Hermeneutics Nagaland
11 Mr. Roshan Lal M.A in Religious Study Ministry Punjab
12 Pas. Apurba Prodhan H.SS.,  C.Th.,  M.Min., B.Th. Ministry, Pastoral Care and Church growth  Assam
13 Prof.Rev.P.T. Oswin B.Sc.,M.S.W.,M.A.,B.Ed.,D.Th., (M.Div) Practical Th., Comparative Rel. & Christian Ethics Andhra Pradesh
14 Mr. J. Haris Karkada M.A.,  D.Min., M.Th., B.D., Dip.in Rel. Ministry Karnataka
15 Rev. k.J. Philipose B.A., B.Th., M.A., M.Min., D.Min. Theology Madhya Pradesh
16 Ngamkholal Haokip D.Min. Ministry Manipur
17 Dr. V. Kiyeho'Y' Ayeh M.Min., D.Min. Ministry Nagaland
18 Rev. Dr. G.V. R. Manilal M.A., B.E., B.D., M.Div., M.Th., D.Min. Feminist Th., Contextual Th., Chrst. fly Andhra Pradesh
19 Mr. S. Sadhan Mandal B.Sc., M.A., M.Ed., M.Div., D.Min. Orissa
21 Pas. G. Muller Selvaraj M.A. B.D. Christian Counseling Tamil Nadu
22 Rev. E. Renphamo Lotha M.Div. D.Min. D.D. Nagaland
23 Rev. Dr. Neiliezhu Usou D.D. Nagaland
24 Dr. Francis Sandesh Vijohar M.B.B.S., M.D. Karnataka
25 Dr. Madhan Thomas D.D.
26 Mr. D. Anandasundaram M.A.  Pauline Epistle Tamil Nadu
27 Dr. Paul Navarus Roche M.Min., D.Min., D.D. Tamil Nadu
28 Dr. Chrales Chandramohan B.Sc., M.A., D.D. St. Paul's Thoughts Tamil Nadu
29 Mr. Anand Peacock B.Com. B.Div. M.Th. Communication Maharashtra
30 Dr. Yabesh Samuel D.D. Ministry
31 Rev. Justin Charles M.A., B.D., M.Th., Dip. M.S. Theology  Kerala
32 Rev. J. Augustine M.A.,M.A.,M.A.,B.D.,Ph.D. Theology  Tamil Nadu
33 Rev. E John victor B.D., M.Th. Theology  Kerala
34 Rev. Mrinal Kanti Sarkar B.Com. B.D., M.Th. Pastoral Ministry West Bengal
35 Dr. Bennet Ph.D. M.A., B.Com.  Theology  Tamil Nadu
36 Mr. A. Charles M.Div., M.Th. New Testament New Delhi 
37 Daniel L Longchar B.A.,B.COM.,B.D.,L.I.T.(DIPLOMA) Nagaland
38 Dr.Sebastien  DD, PhD Ministry Kerala
39 Rev. Dr. Joy Joseph, B.com., BD,M.Th. Kerala
40 Rev. Ajoy Adhikary M.A.B.S., M.Div., M.Phil Karnataka 
41 Ch. Joseph Priestly B.Sc., B.D., B.Ed. A.P. 
42 Dr. Anthony Agnelo Mathias D.D., Ph.D. Maharashtra
43 Mr. Samson Varghese B.Sc., PGDCA, B.D. Kerala
44 Dr. Ashok Kumar Rai  Sikkim
45 Mr. Giant T.K. M.DIV., D.D., D.MIN. Nagaland
46 Mr. Pillarson A.S. B.TH., B.D., M.TH. Maharashtra
47 Mr. Prabal Khess M.Min., D.Min.(IICM), B.A. Jharkhand
48 Rev. Dr. Rajesh Mohan Malaki B.COM., LLB.,  M.Min., D.Min. Evangelism Rajasthan
49 Bro. K.S. Mathew M.A., M.Phil., Ph.D. Director , IRISH Kerala
50 Bro. Shireen Jeyachandran  B.SC., B.T., M.SC., M.ED. Tamil Nadu
51 Bro. Vincent David B.A., M.A., M.Div.(USA) Tamil Nadu
52 Bro. Pancras  B.Com., F.I.C.W.A. Tamil Nadu
53 Bro. Jason S. M.A., B.D. Tamil Nadu
54 Bro. Arthur Jeyakumar D. B.D., M.TH., D.TH. Tamil Nadu 
55 Bro. Selvi Michael Tamil Nadu
56 Bro.Wilson Thamburaj Jesudoss M.A., D.D. (IICM) Tamil Nadu
57 Bro.Thomas A. M.S.,M.SC.,PH.D., D.D.(IICM) Karnataka
58 Bro.Mathew Varkey  M.A.,B.D.,B.ED.,M.TH.,TH.D.,PH.D. Cross Cultural Communication Comparative Religion Tamil Nadu
59 Bro.Victor Raja Singh B.Sc., M.A., D.D.(IICM) Tamil Nadu
60 Bro.Visuvathas Jeyasingh J. M.A.,M.A.,M.A.,LL.B.,Ph.D. D.G.T. Tamil Nadu