Academic Requirements
[Time Limit-  5 years from the date of registration]

Select any 5 courses out of 10 Courses listed below: 5X3 15
1. Spiritual Growth x 3
2. Discipleship x 3
3. Living by Faith x 3
4. Biblical Principles on Giving x 3
5. Wisdom of God x 3
6. Power of God x 3
7. Divine Prosperity x 3
8. Divine Health and Healing x 3
9. Prayer and God's Will x 3
10. Anointing x 3
Select any 2 courses out of 41 courses listed in the Catalog 2X3 6
Select any 1 courses out of 42 courses listed in the Catalog 1x3 3

IV. THEOLOGICAL COURSES (Website/Online Courses)

Select any 8 courses out of 13 courses listed below: 1x3 24
1. Success & Fulfillment in Ministry    
2. Revelation Knowledge    
3. Theology    
4. Meditation of the Word of God    
5. Bible Geography    
6. Apologetics    
7. Biblical Counseling    
8. Hermeneutics    
9. Missiology    
10. Christian Leadership    
11. Church Management Principles    
12. 100 Theological Terms and Concepts    
13. Synoptic Gospel    
14. Pentateuch    
15. Homiletics    
16. Bible Character Study    
17. Eschatology    
18. Pauline Epistles    
1.     Ministry Project or Dissertation  X 12
Total Credit hours   60

1. Two types of Tests will be given
A. True and False - Objective Test
        B. Essay Questions

2.  Substitution or Waiver of Courses:
If you have already completed any of the courses listed above, or if you prefer to take some other course, we will give you the option of choosing an alternative course from the list of courses mentioned in our catalog.  Topical Bible courses are, however, compulsory.  Some courses may be waived or substituted, using our sole discretion.

3. Time limit for completion of the entire Degree Program from the date of registration:  5 YEARS
    Extension of time will be granted at our discretion, with or without additional payment

4. Fees:
Course Fees    : Rs.20,500/- (If you enroll in IICM Bible College (Regd. in Chennai, India as Educational Trust)
                             Rs.30,500/- (If you enroll in IICM Theological College  (
Incorporated in Florida, USA)

All Bank Drafts should be drawn in favor of
"IICM Educational Trust" and mailed
IICM Educational Trust Office, Ruby Towers, 240 Velachery Main Road, Selaiyur, East Tambaram, Chennai-600 073, INDIA.

Payment Plan: Plan I - Full payment (100%) with 10% discount
                        Plan II - Initial payment of 50% from the total course fee and the balance amount of 50% should be paid within 6 months.

5. Cost of Books:
A. Books: For the Topical Bible Courses, Books will be sent or it will be sent online.  For other books you may do one of the following:
1. Use the Local Library
2. Use our Internet Library
3. Purchase Locally
4. Purchase from us by paying the cost of the Book and cost of shipping.
5. Use the Bible as the Text Book.

        B. Faculty Assistance: We will provide necessary Faculty Assistance, to a certain extent.
If you should require or need further Faculty Assistance, we will let you choose an Adjunct Faculty of IICM listed in our website.  You may have to pay some additional fee for  this service depending upon the kind of assistance you need and the time of the faculty member that will be required.

List of Adjunct Faculty Members