ARCHIVES OF IICM - Established in 1979

February 2007 Conference

June 14th 2006 -  Conference held in Vijay Park

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1. Dr. John Williams, Dr. DGS. Dhinakaran
several other Pastors and Christian Leaders

2. Shem Vedanayaga Shasthriyar of Thanjavur,

    Tamil Nadu, INDIA

Was conferred an Honorary Degree of Doctor of Ministry

in Recognition of his many years

of a very committed and

Unique Ministry combined with Music


3. Dr. D.G.S. Dhinakaran 


Dr. John Williams




 4. Dr. Justin Prabakaran 


Dr. John Williams

in Rhode Island, USA

5. Dr. John Williams

Preaching in

Organizational Full Gospel Church

in Toronto, Canada


6. IICM Conference Speakers in Chennai, INDIA



7. Dr. John Williams


 Rev. Tim Ost

in Mexico

8. Dr. John Williams


Rev. Tim Ost and family


9. IICM Conference

at IFCC, Tambaram,

Chennai, INDIA




10.  Dr. John Williams and
Rev. John Musser and his wife


11. Dr. John Williams with a Lawyer,

Bishop and CEO of a Plantation,

in Sandakan, Malaysia

12. Dr. John Williams in USA Conference


13. Convocation in Golden Heights Church,
New York, USA


14. New York Conference

with Indian and other Foreign Delegates


15. Twenty Fifth Anniversary of IICM
and Conference 2003



 16. Graduates in the Convocation
held in Surabaya, Indonesia


17. Meghalaya Conference

18.  India Ministries
 Discipleship Training Program


 19. USA Conference Delegates